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"An inquisitive little kitten is the best reminder of what youth is all about." --Jo Kittinger

No, I will not come down so you have to call one of those nice firemen to come up and get me down

"Don't worry that your cat doesn't understand what you say, he doesn't care what you're thinking anyway." --Dr Jeri Schwalb

Exploring this big world alone awwww - AMAZING how small the subject is, but how huge the emotion you feel is!!

so pretty! Second Hope Circle helps special needs pets in Ontario find homes through promotion, education and funding! www.secondhopecir... #specialneedspetsrock #rescuedpets #ontario

i so want a cat like this...i love fluffy calico furballs...i love my alice and kalamazoo dont get me wrong and they are fluffy long haired cats but i need a calico like this one or a black cat...blacks and calicos make the best pets...

Gorgeous little bit of fluff. Black kitten.  Sorcerer by Stephie Kaczala :) by Janny Dangerous.

Absolutely precious! I think he's a lilac or a blue point...any Siamese experts out there who know?

Mommy, is there tuna in heaven? by © John McGibbon, posted via catsbeaversandduc...

This picture is just pretty. Wow. And the kitten is cute!