tattoo using birthstone colors of my kids and husband

infinity love done in my kids birthstone colors

motherhood celtic tattoo- husband and wife birthstone colors for knot. Dots represents children with their birthstone colors

Tattoo with my husbands name, our anniversary date, my sons name and his birthdate

Husband gets it in wife's handwriting, and wife gets it in husband's handwriting.

But w/ 3 "Bees" for my kids& a heart in the flight path

Thinking of this tattoo...A celtic motherhood knot with the birthstones of my three children in it...Just not sure when to put it?

Mother's Love hearts for Kids Infinity for husband. Cross for God and His blessings in life


Back tattoo


red tattoo

. #Tattoos

cute tattoo.

The colors!

dragonfly tattoos

Lace Tattoo

owl tattoo.....

infinity love tattoo.

I love crafty tattoos!