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Another contemporary to mine (Daddy's old Underwood). No. This one's even older. Like Grandfather Matthiew's on the farm.

"The Bantam was created as a beginner's typewriter. It features simplified keys that have no numbers and only the most basic marks of punctuation. The machine's red, yellow, turquoise, and light green keys are colored-coded to teach proper typing." $500

This is my favorite typewriter in my collection, the keys drop from the side alternating. Very unique, before we got "set" into our idea of how a typewriter should work.

I think someone stole my thermos collection for this photo... I have 3 out of 5 pictured! LOL!

Charlie's dream was to become a writer. He wanted to write about the people he met and the experiences of his youth

working with a limited color palette

Someday I want to write an entire novel with a typewriter... I should learn how to finish novels and buy a typewriter. :-P

vintage typewriter -mine was a "silent type Corona!!!! Fabulous (I thought).