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So far my favorite idea. I found branches like this in the woods! And plus I don't need to find vintage picture frames... but where to display is the question :)

25 school bag storage ideas

Gray Works Design // HonestlyYUM Dear Ginza / amano design office Home Office Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodels and Decor LovE the lighting! This is what I want my "office wall" in my bedroom to look like (minus the stenciled wall).... Love this idea!

As a formar czar of the scrapbooking world, I can vouch for this... there is some beautiful paper at your local scrapbook store just begging to be f***ed with. Here we have: scrapbook paper...modge podged on pre-stretched canvas available at your local craft store. GO DO IT.

I love these!!! DIRECTIONS: Print your picture out on plain paper, Take piece of wood and coat with mod podge, turn picture upside down on wood press and let dry overnight. next day using water and your hands rub paper off of wood (your picture will be on the wood) now cover with more mod podge.