They. Are. Not. PAJAMAS!

Despicable Me

Despicable Me :)


I LOVE THIS QUOTE!!! <3 Despicable Me

Love this movie

HAHA! @Myra Gilmore

every time

At first I was like, "Oh my is that Andrew Lowe?!?!" and then I actually read the thing XD

Gilmore Girls

my favorite movie..

Pitch Perfect

ted <3

Juno - one of thee best movies, everrr!

it takes two!

Haha. One of my favorite holiday movies. Kate Winslet is priceless.

One of my all time favorite movie quotes... every time the kids watch this, I laugh so hard on this line!

What a classic

''Look at that fluffy unicorn. It's so fluffy, I could die! ITSOFLUFFEHHHHH!!!!'' - Despicable Me #moviequote


Pocahontas - LOVE this scene. As good as a "real" film.