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    Mrs. A.L. Dyke and daughter Frances touring Forest Park in a French-built, 1900 DeDion Quadricycle.

    Central Park, 1900

    Sleigh riding in Tower Grove Park. (1900) ©Missouri History Museum

    Small boy standing in front of a Christmas tree with his toys. (1900) ©Missouri History Museum

    Men and boys ice skating on a frozen pond. (1900)

    Missouri Dental College and St. Louis Medical College. 1806-1814 Lucas Place. (1900 to 1902) Missouri History Museum

    Jack Daniel Distilling Company Building, 4000 Duncan Avenue in St. Louis, Mo. (1900) Missouri History Museum

    Posse members resting on cots in the United Railway car barn during the Streetcar Strike of 1900.

    Nineteenth Street looking south across Morgan and Lucas Streets. St. Nicholas Catholic Church (German) at 1831 Lucas in left distance. (1900) Missouri History Museum

    Three boys walking on a sidewalk on an unidentified street past signs posted by the St. Louis Bill Posting Company advertising home sales in Florissant and the Globe Soap Company. (1900) Missouri History Museum

    Grand Avenue Water Tower in winter. Twentieth Street and East Grand Avenue. [Old White Water Tower]. (1900) ©Missouri History Museum

    Amadee Rayburn at Kinloch Field, located in St. Louis County, in a monoplane that he designed and built. (1910) Missouri History Museum

    Two women welders at Wagner Electric Company. (1942 to 1945) Photograph by Oscar C. Kuehn. Missouri History Museum

    J. Orville Spreen with the model airplane he designed and built around the time of the first Aviation Exhibition and Model Meeting held in the St. Louis Coliseum, 17 to 24 November 1910. ©Missouri History Museum

    Broadside for Woman's National Aviation Home Guard of North America taught at Captain John Berrys School of Automobiling and Aviation, 3910 Washington Boulevard. Female aviator Clara Laurell is pictured standing beside an airplane. (1917) Missouri History Museum

    Mr. and Mrs. Henri Pierre Chouteau. (1850s) Missouri History Museum

    Actress Mary Pickford boarding a TWA Ford Tri-motor in St. Louis, 31 July 1932. Missouri History Museum

    Olive Street East From Boyle Avenue, Gaslight Square. (1966) Missouri History Museum

    Japanese Garden at the World's Fair, 1904 by Missouri History Museum, via Flickr

    Last piece of Arch being fit into place, 1965 by Missouri History Museum, via Flickr

    Pilot Arch Hoxsey seated in his plane after setting a nonstop cross-country record by flying 87 miles from Springfield to St. Louis on October 8, 1910 to open the International Air Meet at Kinloch Field. Missouri History Museum