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Nineteenth Street looking south across Morgan and Lucas Streets. St. Nicholas Catholic Church (German) at 1831 Lucas in left distance. (1900) Missouri History Museum

J. Orville Spreen with the model airplane he designed and built around the time of the first Aviation Exhibition and Model Meeting held in the St. Louis Coliseum, 17 to 24 November 1910. ©Missouri History Museum

Broadside for Woman's National Aviation Home Guard of North America taught at Captain John Berrys School of Automobiling and Aviation, 3910 Washington Boulevard. Female aviator Clara Laurell is pictured standing beside an airplane. (1917) Missouri History Museum

"Come and See our Line of Ladies Auto Clothing for Fall and Winter..." [A.L. Dyke Auto Supply Company, Olive and Walton Streets in St. Louis, Mo]. (1907) ©Missouri History Museum

Mock-up of the suggested flight attendant's station with telephone and various light and sound system control panels in a Curtiss-Wright C-46 commercial passenger airplane. ©Missouri History Museum

"Carlos IV, King of Spain who signed the Treaty of Retrocession of Louisiana Territory from Spain to France." Missouri History Museum

Pilot Arch Hoxsey seated in his plane after setting a nonstop cross-country record by flying 87 miles from Springfield to St. Louis on October 8, 1910 to open the International Air Meet at Kinloch Field. Missouri History Museum

Illustration of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln embracing as Washington welcomes Lincoln to the heavens with a laurel wreath. (1865) Missouri History Museum