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  • Bonnie Astuto

    Because I Love You - BUT I AM YOUR FRIEND!!!! inspite of the quote.

  • Tiffany Cotton

    I need this in both my kid's rooms (especially when they hit the "teens")... so true!

  • Allison Sizemore

    My dear daughters, I love you too much to be your best friend because you are my children.

  • Jess Ferriolo

    This is SO true... Maybe someone should send this to my ex so he can start being a parent and stop being friend to my oldest!

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Tiffany ... My father used to have a sign on his desk that read "This too shall pass " Now that I'm older and he has passed on ..... I get it :) thanks Dad

Wow. This is right on target!

Love these, and I remember my mom saying so many of

Wish I had This Quote when William Was Little, But I Quess It Is Never Too Late!!

I need to remember this when I have to hear all about beyblades! parenting

I totally feel like this sometimes - and right now, my kids hate it. But, hopefully someday they will realize that we do what we do because we love them and want to keep them safe.

....and Spiritually Speaking: quotes about/for kids

Parenting done right, by Louis CK... yes! Especially love "Being a Good Person"!