• Melissa Dudick

    DIY furniture redo - wood stain over painted stencil - http://www.domesticimperfection.com/2012/05/paisley-stenciled-table/

  • Megan Strosnider

    Stenciled Table - an idea for my messed up dining room table?

  • Mariah Jones

    re-staining wood table. I love this idea!!! I didn’t prep the table, just sanded and stenciled onto the bare wood. The stencil is done in white paint and then stained over top with Minwax Dark Walnut and the color on the legs is Hallowed Hush by Behr. The whole thing is sealed with polycrylic.

  • Karen Roudebush

    Domestic Imperfection - Paisley stenciled table, with and without stain. Kitchen table re-do idea!

  • Kim Langenberg

    omigosh, a paisley stencil to apply the white paint, then two coats of walnut stain....I'm ready to go sand down my kitchen table right now!! {Great idea for classroom tables}

  • Kristi Drennan

    white stencil over bare wood, then follow up with wood stain. turns the white paint into a tan-ish color and brings out the wood grain. really pretty - do a coffe table this way

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