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inspiration, It can be done! I just need to lose 13 lbs to get to my first goal. I know I can do this.

146 to 130. what a cute little body!

"Muffin Top-Less" one girl's story of losing weight and getting in amazing shape! She lists tricks, tips, products she uses, and the foods she eats

This is what I want for myself. I know I can do it. I jut need to stop letting my weakness get to me! FOOD!

Name: Lisa Schlosberg Age: 20 Location: Michigan Before: 302 lbs. After: 151 lbs. What was the “turning point” that prompted you to lose weight? Being overweight my entire life, I experienced count...

Wow Good for her!!! chesleyshrinking: hello—healthy: i’ve finally lost 100 pounds! healthy eating + exercise + moderation + a positive attitude + consistency = weight loss. that’s the only “secret” there is :)

125 pounds in 16 months. She is an amazing woman who did it through sheer determination, no odd plans or funky diets.

Also, eat off of a salad plate, because your serving only needs to be as big as your fist. Eat small portions every 2 hours to keep your blood sugar stable.You need to work out for 40 mins. at least to lose weight (sweat). If you have a craving for something, only eat as much as you need to kill that craving. Plus don't consume sugar drinks.

Join the savvy women who have discovered this little-known cellular “switch”, to instantly start releasing and burning the fat that has been trapped for so long on your most unsightly and unhealthy trouble spots!…