Fairytale house in the woods.

This is an amazing little castle tower thing out in the woods, best tree house ever

Cottage for my garden...

Storybook architecture on the shores of Vancouver Island, Canada - created by Timothy Lindberg and Daniel Huscroft : naturalhomes

20 Abandoned Places that will scare you

The oldest residents of that abandoned house were the spiders. Many generations had laced the walls with cobwebs of intricate beauty.

Домик, горой об' ятый ...

Talk about building your house upon the rock, this is awesome!~Small house built between two rocks - Plougrescant (Brittany, France)~

the lookout...

Inspirational Factors -Creative -Fairy tale like - Dark -Peaceful I feel like this concept is very inventive. I feel like it's a new take on the idea of a treehouse. The design seemed to have a Gothic style garden in mind.

A focal point in the landscape, the Rapunzel tower was built as a playhouse but doubles as guest quarters. - Photo: Emily Minton Redfield

Meticulously Restored Tudor House in Utah

tiny island, tiny house

This Tiny Island House can be found amongst the 1000 Islands on the St. Lawrence River, one of the world’s most beautiful collection of islands.

These unusual homes change everything you think about amazing design.

A TINY RIVER HOUSE IN SERBIA Photograph by Irene Becker for National Geographic My friend Dan G. emailed me this wonderful photograph by Irene Becker that shows a tiny house in the middle of the Drina River near the town of Bajina Basta, Serbia.

  This combines my lifelong dream of living in a treehouse with my lifelong dream of living in a castle!

Treehouse, Kilmarnock, Scotland This is just one reason why we should move to Europe, awesome trees and even awesomer (I know that's not a word) tree houses!

Turn the turret into a tower playhouse!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

A Matter of Follies

This is an amazing little castle tower thing out in the woods, best tree house ever

Climbing roses and cottage door!

Lush floral cottage gardens and roses. Isn't this beautiful? Flower gardens enhance the look of your cottage.