Music butterfly

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Music tattoo with close your eyes, dream your dreams, make all your wishes come true

Music Pulse, Notes, Clef, Frequency, Wave, Sound, Dance

Great idea for a music tattoo. Much more unique than other designs I've found.


Musical anchor

WIND TIGER TATTOO DESING by ~Agarwen on deviantART

Music Tattoo

water color horse tattoo - Google Search

Bird tattoo

Wow I this

Ring Finger Tattoo.

Beautiful Elephant...would make a cool side tattoo actually

I think it's funny that people go and get this tattoo without even researching it. Because the bible verse says "we have this HOPE as an anchor for our souls". Not love. Thats why mine has the word hope in the infinity sign. Check it before you get it permanently on your body and look like an idiot.

Wow. Beautiful.

Let your heart sing love music quote heart note sing

Tattoo ideas... Makeup tattoo