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the absolute truth

oh my word!

Thought I had invented this, but apparently it has been done before! Anyway, I used felt, little tinsel pom poms, and a ziplock bag for my iPhone to create this. The Yule log app even played "I'll be home for Christmas".

This is a hedgehog with a hat.

It sure is!

too funny

Does this happen to anyone else?


this is great!! Hahahaha

They aren't dogs...they are fur-babies.

cracked me up



Couldn't have said it better myself!!!! Truth!

and clothes i can't have



Took me 15 mins to read this because I was laughing so hard I couldn't see. Seriously. Read it @Kelly DeFuso

Me N a nutshell,....


I'm thinking this might be an adorable keepsake: everyone in the bridal party/all the immediate family girls kiss a piece of paper to mount and frame in a funky old frame. I'd have them sign their name too.

Shooting blanks.

HA! So true.