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Small Daily Motivation Quotes: If you think about having great ass - do exercises that activate each buttocks muscle : MEDIUS - Jumping Jacks MAXIMUS - Deep Lunges MINIMUS - Squats Honestly, you need NOTHING else to get the butt you dream of, just these three exercises!

This is what I thought, looks like lies are being made up out of thin air anyway though. The truth will always come out.

This is an inspirational quote written, "If it matters to you, who cares if it matters to anyone else." I chose this quote because it can motivate anyone of any age to do something special to them. I am a dream chaser and I plan on making history. This quote resembles my reasoning to never stop trying to make something of myself.

Especially true in fitness... - - #myfitmotiv #fitness motivation #weight #loss #food #fitness #diet #gym #motivation

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20 Amazing Quotes That Will Change Your Outlook On Life

Like who isnt allowed to talk to your EX, 3 YEARS after it ended...sigh

"Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence." words / silence - minna so | design + illustration | minna may portfolio

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Motivational Saturday: Inspiring Quotes For Entrepreneurs!

quotes about being a great friend and saying i'll prove it | ... Saturday: Inspiring Quotes For Entrepreneurs! | TWELVESKIP

This is wonderful, I've never heard this quote before. But it is true, late night thoughts can be destructive.