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If only I could remember that before I open my big mouth.

the mouth should have three gatekeepers. is it true? is it kind? and is it necessary?

Ain't this the truth. I was always silent in most arguments with my ex and he thought of me as "stoic". No I just kept it quiet so I can't be quoted wrong.

The Funny Beaver Funny Daily Pictures - July 30, 2014

Sometimes you just have to do what is right for you... don't sell yourself short at the expense of others. stay true to you if the same story keeps playing out change the characters change your thoughts change your actions love unconditionally or walk away!!

I really need to remember this. Working on some big changes, and it's hard not to take some of the doubt personally. But I have to remember that III know I'm capable, and that what's meant to be, will find its way. ♡ ✌

Don't give anyone the chance to control you. As soon as you realize you lost control take it back.

This is absolutely true! Every time I hear someone talking bad about one of their "friends" I think of this. I find though that most people who find fault in others have the lowest self-esteem possible and are only pointing out their own short-comings.

Pshh, when I'm right, I'm proud of it & there is no need to much as I'd love to ;) #life #quote