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An illusion of a portrait. It holds your attention and makes you examine it. At first the man's face appears to look like it's only half of his face is showing, but once you look at it, you notice that it's also a profile view of the man's face. I think it's a clever and classic design example.

Illusion - Surreal Portrait by Fh-Studio Media Productions , via Behance-- (idea for a photo quilt)

Deliverance - For the first time ever I'm selling prints... Not for myself, but to raise money to save Eliza. Our goal is for each photographer featured on the site to raise a 1000$ !! Race is on, please help me help Eliza:  http://savingeliza.smugmug.com/Featured/i-hX4w3J7  -  This image was taken in an underwater shipwreck in Bali back in February featuring Camilla Argent a freediver.  Chris Simanjuntak was responsible for helping put the entire production side of things together…

Models Dive 25 Meters To An Underwater Shipwreck In Bali For A Literally Breathtaking Photoshoot. Montreal-based photographer Benjamin Von Wong is known for his complex productions and very stunning powerful images.

Pond reflection

“How small these rescued tides appear! Earthly delights flow in torrents. Each object offers paradise.” ― André Breton, Yoga reflection on the beach

A beautiful picture that captures the feeling I get when I read. A sort of calmness washes over me and makes me feel alive and flying. Like anything is possible and that I'm free to go anywhere and dream of anything.  -- Fidah

This is a photo of a women floating on a chair held up by balloons. In surrealism anything is possible, a women floating by balloons is only possible by imagination.

Pájaros en la cabeza

This picture shows movement because the girl is twirling and dancing. The birds are flying to the left of her which is creating a lot of movement in the picture. This picture causes you to think about the birds flying and dancing.

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