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Create your own space mobile with a hands-on craft kit from Kiwi Crate

30 Neighbor Christmas Gift Ideas! Great for teachers & friends too! (@vivint #letsneighbor) Jyl P

Soda-lighted neighbor gift idea w/ free printable from (@vivint #letsneighbor) Jyl P

I just love the idea of getting these great projects right in my mail box. I don't have to think about what we're going to do next or to worry if I have the right materials for our project. Kiwi Crate has made mom's life a whole lot easier!!

"I love surprises! And what is cooler than a company that sends out a different crafty kit out each month for kids to use. And — shhhhh, don’t tell your kids, but the activities actually teach them too!!" - @tatertots on Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crate is delivered monthly with materials and inspiration for craft+science projects, imaginative play, and more. Sure, you could come up with these ideas on your own (or with help from Pinterest — potato, potahto), but Kiwi Crate is a huge help to us un-fun, un-crafty moms. Everything you need for the projects is included in the box. The boys loved it, and I’m completely reveling in my temporary Fun Mom status. It will be a highlight of every month, I assure you.

Avoid brain drain this summer... Kiwi Crate is a subscription service that provides crafts and fun projects for kids 3-7. Keeps them happy, engaged, and busy!

What a great idea! Who wouldn't like to come home to this at their door? #letsneighbor and @vivint Nicole S.

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Invite them over! @vivint #letsneighbor Lori F

A blog all about projects/crafts/activities for BOYS!

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acme crown kit

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Too cute! Great family project to create a work of art to pass down to future generations. Also, great gift for grandparents, teachers, and students. Could be a fun project at a b'day party.

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