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Perfectly Looped GIFs are animated GIF in which the first and last frames of an image are seamlessly aligned to create the visual effect of an infinite playback loop.


I mean I'm pretty coherent and functional on 5 shots of whiskey but this sounds damn funny.

@iwantmcrback' for more funny images!» Images originally from » 9Gag

"Protons" "science side sounds quite positive today"

I like that the name for the drowned guy is Jack Dawson on the contacts

10 Fresh Memes Today! #9 How to Gently Turn Down A Prom Invitation.

The little man on the toilet?

What Will Happen If Avengers And Frozen Casts Go To Watch The Movie Of Each Other's

What Will Happen If Avengers And Frozen Casts Go To Watch The Movie Of Each Other's

Frozen avenged and Avengers froze - FunSubstance

having fun with statues

Having fun with statues XD

The King of Comic-Con. (Gifs by tomhiddleston-gifs.tumblr…

That wife of that one guy at Comiccon - Loki/Tom Hiddleston

Boys and Period and Tampons...

Boys and Period and Tampons...

A guy buys tampons for his girlfriend. - bitch no buys tampons

I remember her and she's like nine and I was like whoa now you don't just give gummy bears to your enemies child

9 year olds are savage.


I practically died laughing omg

Laughing so Hard....

15 Really Funny Short Stories

Oh my gosh this made my day LOL!!!!!!

I left my phone charger at a friend's house. These are the photos I received over the course of the week.<<<OMG U CRUEL CRUEL HUMAN!

Baseball Catch Prank.gif  that's so mean. And funny

21 Best GIFs Of All Time Of The Week #80

Baseball Catch Prank-must try

The second one - I am literally the guy; I'll be the wife of the year (I'll do this with the NERFs)

10 Fresh Marriage Memes! #7 Wife Of The Year.

Bruh these are grest

Top 15 Funniest Jokes Of The Year – Gap Ba Gap

I am limited edition too

Want to be Rambo..? - Posted in Funny, Troll comics and LOL Images - Entertain Club

Peeling level Rambo things-that-make-me-laugh