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  • Denise Pennell

    too funny I love the wizard of OZ

  • Lizzie Stanz

    OT: Wizard of Oz The Ultimate Chick Flick. lol funny and so true!

  • Stephanie

    I always thought Dorothy's and the Wicked Witch's fight over the ruby slippers was ridiculous, but still, Wizard of Oz was my favorite movie as a little girl.

  • Beverly Z

    My favorite movie... go figure in reality it's a "Chick Flick" LOL #WizardOfOz

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yup @gabie! It works for me! Just like it doesn't count when you're otr!

Titanic. Let's be honest...there was room for two, Rose.... That was my exact thought watching this movie

Almost the same look my daughter gives me when she tries to threaten me w/ something she wants, bahaha!

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I'm not the only one! Sad part is, I didn't realize that until just a few years ago.

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*ahem* It is called W because it was originally two U's together. It is called a pair of pants because there are TWO places for the TWO legs. The one I agree most to is the dentist one. Like seriously.