This refrigerator is awesome!

Now.. that is a fridge!

Awesome pantry

Fruit and Vegetable refrigerator

Hidden TV!!! No way!

Oh my hat!! My dream kitchen. Love the ceiling. Love EVERYTHING! Over 790 Different Kitchen Design Ideas I like these ceilings

Baking pan drawer so you don't have to get every pan out every time.

glass fridge


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Dish storage in kitchen island. this idea!! I LOVE the idea of keeping plates in a drawer... GENIUS and why did I never think of that!?

Secret pantry - looks like regular kitchen cupboard doors, takes you to another room, the pantry!

Secret Play Room ~ Armoire is used as a doorway

I want to marry this tub

Walk-in pantry behind the fridge! Cool!

Amazing backyard!!

Fun great big window over the kitchen sink if only it had a big window sill for all of my herbs/plants

Fabulous! Love the colors, layout, covered fridge, ISLAND. Not a fan of the window.

Kitchen Island

Like the backlit cabinets