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More of David Hale. The line work floors me everytime.

.Reminds me of another picture each band member has a mouse tattoo. Each mouse was different but unified theme reminder of the moment and each other. I love that idea.

The elephant has long been regarded as a symbol of divine wisdom in India. The qualities of the elephant are recognized throughout the Orient: longevity, strength, patience, endurance and self-restraint. The ability of elephants to aid in battle led to their additional symbolic meaning of triumph, power and victory.

"Elephant // by David Hale" A really elegant elephant - I wonder if it's actually a colour tattoo, or if they did it in black & white photography because it's a grey scale tattoo... Hm.

#elephant tattoo / Love this reminds me of my Joseph Alan my oldest as he has big ears and we use to call him Joey Big Ears

Elephants are extremely protective of their young and members of their herd. This offers symbolism to people getting tattoos who place the value of their families above everything else. Elephants will die to protect their family.... Why I want an elephant tattoo for my family.

OMG i cant believe i found what i wanted to do for my tattoo! mine tho will have the elephants holding trunk to tail and have mine, my bf, and two sons initials near the butt of the elephant and for my last little elephant he will be holding a heart balloon with his tail:) cant wait to get it, so glad i found something similar to what i want.

Free Tattoo Designs : Cute Elephant tattoo for girls