woven belt

scrap fabric necklaces

So cute and easy to make! And who doesn't love a little bow belt?!?

Tutorial for weaving a belt - SoulSamurai: Manly Knitting II: The Return

Pop Top Belt

fabric flower

DIY Braided Belt

Fabric Hangers

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! Transfer any image to anything (fabric and wood) using this process. Can you imagine the possibilities? I MUST REMEMBER THIS!

Fabric cross on wood

DIY fabric flowers

fabric belt

DIY Fabric Feathers (with free pattern) + 3 other DIY projects : DIY geometric garland (free printable), DIY paper bows and DIY chignon.

Old shoes + Fabric & Mod Podge = New shoes

Cover Binders with Fabric

DIY Macrame Bracelets. You know, just to amortize the money my parents spent on that summer macrame class after second

DIY Cord Keeper From Fabric Scraps


Make your own Belt-Buckle! How fun, unique gift idea.