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doll heads

Mannequins by Umbo.


I really, really like this characteristic, I don't know why but I do. Protection by Cherry Marmelade. ° |"so many sharp thorns to bleed me dry."|

Damaged and melted mannequins after a 1930 fire at Madame Troussaud's museum

Mannequin hand


Mikola Gnisyuk, People in Trees (The Rooks Have Arrived) (Detail), 1964

Andy Warhol with Edie Sedgwick and Chuck Wein. New York City. 1965.

madame tussaud's spare heads

Oct. 16, 1970: The Times chronicled the sale of used display stock at a warehouse on Long Island, an event that the reporter said “would have made a swarm of locusts look like a bunch of lazy butterflies.” The complete dummies cost $10 and $20, “but the parts were a bargain,” the caption said. “You could get a hand for five cents or buy an arm for a dime.”

John Batho


David Seidner. Dance, Deborah Klein, 1987. Reminds me of a modern interpretation of the nine muses.

ARMAN "Long Term Parking", 1982, Description : Accumulation of 60 automobiles in concrete. 19,5 m. Parc de sculpture Le Montcel, Jouy-en-Josas, France

jabob sutton

Just a Little X-ray Kiss ♥

Backs of Eight Unidentified Women with Long Hair, ca. 1880, Tintype, International Center of Photography

A remarkable vintage Japanese postcard image

Richard Vergez - Richard Hamilton inspired