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Wildlife Crossing Competition Finalists Propose Amazing Bridges

wildlife crossing bridges

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Next Generation of Wildlife Crossings Un-Vailed in ARC Competition

wildlife crossing

Jizo statues in Kamakura, Japan. Jizo take care of the souls of unborn children and those who died at a young age. Children “in limbo” in Japan are said to go to a place called sai no kawara, where they must create piles of stones into small towers. But every night the stone towers are destroyed by demons, so the next day the children must make new piles of stones. The making of these towers is to help their parents accrue merit for their own afterlife.

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You'll be blown away: Amazing photos of harvest mouse who climbed up a dandelion in the breeze

The harvest mouse was snapped at the British Wildlife Centre in Lingfield, Surrey, by head keeper, Matt Binstead

Coroico Road Traffic Jam - Traffic Jam at the world's most dangerous road from La Paz across the Andean Cordillera into the Amazon Lowland. This image is part of the story about the flying pigs of Chacaltaya:

Burj Khalifa in Dubai, tallest building in the world (2,725 ft.)

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11 Amusement Rides You Must Go On Before You Die

Soar over the Sacred Valley on The Eye of the Jaguar Zipline in Peru. | 11 Amusement Rides You Must Go On Before You Die

Arg-e Bam was the largest adobe building in the world, located in Bam, a city in the Kermān Province of southeastern Iran. The entire building was a large fortress dating to at least 500 BC. The 2003 Earthquake in Bam destroyed more than 80 percent of the citadel. Several countries are cooperating in the reconstruction, among them Japan, Italy, and France. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. by Sergio Pessolano