American ethnographer Frances Densmore recording Mountain Chief (leader of the Native American tribe Blackfeet in Montana)


Indian Chief with Winchester

Native American Woman

Lodges of the Chiefs

Native American Child with Dog

The Sioux Chief

Crow Indian Chief

Charles Alexander Eastman (born Hakadah and later named Ohíye S’a; February 19, 1858 – January 8, 1939) was a Native American physician, writer, national lecturer, and reformer. He was of Santee Sioux and Anglo-American ancestry. Active in politics and issues on American Indian rights, he worked to improve the lives of youths, and founded 32 Native American chapters of the YMCA. He also helped found the Boy Scouts of America. The first Native American author to write American history.

African American Buffalo Soldier and his Native American wife.

Crowfoot, Chief of the Blackfoot

Native American

Indian Chief

Many Native Americans welcomed African Americans into their villages. Even as slaves many African Americans became part of a family group, and many intermarried with Native Americans - thus many later became classified as Black Indians

Lakota girls| Native Americans

Sioux Indian Chief and woman

As you can plainly see not all of us came from Africa some of us have always been here - big up all Moors aka American Americans!

*Bobtail, Chief of the Cree

Sioux Indian Chief

Little Chief- Principal Chief of Assiniboine by orping, via Flickr

Bust of Chief Quanah Parker - Comanche Chief, Texas