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Tinsel Garland with Dangle Flags

Blue Luv

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Red, White & Blue Star String Garland $2.99

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Bushy Star Garland $2.99

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US Flag Garland $5.99

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Wedding Decor

U.S.A. Flags $1.99

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White Amp

Star Garland $1.99

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Foil Frill Cupcake Picks with Flag $2.99

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Serving Tray - Americana $3.99

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Patriotic Candle Holder $3.99

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Table Runner - Americana $4.99

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17 3/4" Patriotic Red Party Tub $4.99

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Give fall décor a whimsical whirl with this easy, pumpkin-spired garland!

Basic Pumpkins

Pumpkins Martha

Creative Pumpkins

Fake Pumpkins

Pumpkin Smart

Pod Pumpkin

Easy Pumpkin

Paper Pumpkin

Holidays Halloween

Move over jack-o-lantern! It's time to give your pumpkins a designer edge! From ribbon, to glitter, to bright acrylic paint, these artfully embellished project ideas are the perfect place to start.

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Transform our spooky papers & embellishments into the cutest monster mash bash on the block. See our hauntingly adorable ideas inside—from the invites to the games to the décor.

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We have everything you need to get ready for the Fourth of July! Try this fun project using deco mesh:

America Land

Bless America

American Baby

Native American

American Freedom

American Dream

Happy American

Misticial'S American

American Beauty

:) so cute

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American Girl

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Celebrate the Fourth of July in style with waving flags held high and an All-American picnic decked out in patrotic style!

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