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Chore "Rewards" a chore, get a punch. Get 12 punches, get a surprise. Very cool incentive idea for home!

Love this, since time out and/ or spanking haven't proven effective... Uh-Oh chores for when kids are naughty, whiney, tattle-taling, etc. Such a great idea!

A blessing for ME! This would hopefully cut down on me repeating myself and help train my children to be heroes to this Mommy!

Some kids need a little more detail when it comes to doing their chores. Break your chores down to the nitty gritty with these FREE printable chore sticks set.  Print out the chores and mod podge them onto craft sticks.

Age appropriate chore lists for kids. Love Cozi!! Trying to get my little family a little more organized :)

Creating chore charts for kids. With lists of ages and what they can/should do.

I love this chore chart idea... Use paint chips on poster board, laminate, and use wipe-off marker to write the chores you need done. Each kid gets a different colored sticker. Chores get counted at the end of the week for allowance. This lady pays her kids a nickel for each chore which seems silly to me. I would at least start out at a dime.

LOVE this idea! It's a "job application" for chores that are above and beyond their regular ones. These are the job they "apply" for and get paid for.You set the time period and how much they will get paid.

Love this!!!!! Clutter Busting Game using ping pong balls. Each person chooses a ball, completes the task, then chooses another one. After 30 minutes, whoever has the most balls gets a prize -- like a no-chores day, or gets to pick a movie. Such a great idea!

I really hate nagging. Shouting, threatening and punishing don't feel good either. But how else can I get my children to do their chores?