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  • Katie Vaughan

    Greek Proverb- this is why things like quality education, a healthy environment, universal healthcare are so important. it's not just about us, it's about future generations. it's about sacrificing a little bit to acheive a lot.

  • Donna Broussard

    "A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." -Greek proverb

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"A word of warning to all those who have sought and found the truth. When others post comments that attack you personally, rather than what you have to not repsond in kind. Rather, choose your words carefully, always remembering that your job is to shed light, not childish and crude insults. The goal is too important for the ways of the playground."

I did for him for so long while being abused and used and cutoff emotionally... but love was not returned when "I" really needed it and deserved those times the man I "thought" I had married had left the room leaving behind a self absorbed narcissist morphing into a sociopath.

= Sustainability

"I am most alive among the tall trees."

Inspired: words | twopointfourchildren

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Not My Circus Not My Monkeys. A Polish proverb that is another way of saying not my problem. I don't know why I love it so much but I do.

I hope when i forgot... you are still there to remind of.... and hope that our friendship will not go into waste and together we sing a nostalgic song that will never end.

when we make a change, it's so easy to interpret our unsettledness as unhappiness, and our unhappiness as a result of having made the wrong decision. our mental and emotional states fluctuate madly when we make big changes in our lives, and somedays we could tight-rope across manhattan, and other days we are too weary to clean our teeth, this is normal. this is natural. this is change. - jeanette winterson

Tact - if only we could be better at this. Teaching TACT at this level is possible and should be done.