Slouch Socks! We wore two different colors, one on top of the other, with my high top Reeboks.

I still love Push ups!

LOL... SO eighties & I had every color

Remember this?

slouch socks!

80's fashion for socks - Google Search- always wore two pair of socks to match outfit......what was I thinking ;)

Push-A-Point Pencils

Caboodle!! I adored mine!

I guess these shoes have come back into style recently. I know I loved my high top Reeboks.

Still on the scene: scrunchies.

who remembers spraying your hair with hairspray, pulling it away from your face and drying it with the hairdryer for the wing look :)

Keds! Only had white back then and you bleached the heck out of them because you only got one pair per school year

Pom-pom footies

Wind her up, watch her crawl. I can still remember the sound she made when crawling!

the 80's Where's the beef??

Stirrup Pants!

Remember slouchy socks? (Another 80's must have. J)

I did this all the time,baton

Loved these guys

Loved these