The Big Bang Theory.. such a funny show :)

Big Bang Theory

Best. Episode. Ever.

Amy Farrah fowler + Sheldon Cooper 4eva

big bang theory

Love Johnny!!

big bang theory <3

Sheldon Cooper Quotes

The dating scene is rough. Blind dates. Missed connections. Finding out you’re related. Food, however, is a reliable good. Display your allegiance to food with the black Ready For A Pringle T-shirt by DPCTED. Bold text across the chest reads Chubby Single And Ready For A Pringle. God knows, once you pop the fun don’t stop. I like this guys wit! <3

i love this show!

sheldon, sheldon


Big Bang Theory

love these two!

sheldon cooper quotes. the big bang theory.

Oh Sheldon

sheldon cooper :)

LOVE Big Bang Theory

Best. Thing. EVER

bahahaha I loved this scene. BBT is awesome!