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    Shoelace bows

    These stores were a staple during my childhood. I remember when they started closing them and I think I cried when the you store disappeared.

    spraying your hair with hairspray, pulling it away from your face and drying it with the hairdryer for the wing look :)

    WOW! The second I saw this I felt that needle poking my scalp and heard the sound the plastic made when the needle broke thru! HAHA

    vintage hair barrettes...

    The DREADED pink hair rollers.....

    I had these.


    This was the coolest

    Playing The Oregon Trail during computer lab time… | 38 Things That Will Take '80s Kids Back To Their Elementary School Days

    Fugly crimped hair

    Favorite lunchbox and thermos to this day...still remember hitting a girl over the head with it when she tried to steal my pineapple juice (which I didn't even like....just the principle of the fact!)

    my late Grandmother Eloise added bows and buttons to dress these ruffle socks up.

    Book It - every year. Gotta earn those personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut!

    90s kid! omg this is hilariously true !

    Every girl had the crimper!!

    my crimper

    Foam hair curlers - spent many nights sleeping in these and wet hair but boy was my hair curly in the morning. They weren't exactly comfortable to sleep in.

    Pen Bracelets

    A must before setting your hair in rollers