Angel baby

Baby angel tattoos are loved equally by men and women. The baby angel tattoos are also believed to be worn in loving memory of a lost child.

Tattoo I want to get for Natalie. Put clothes on the angel. The baby to look more like a baby, with the wings coming down and around the baby, almost like swaddling underneath put what's written on picture. :)))))))

Motherhood Angel tattoo This is my mother hood tattoo. its an angel holding a baby and the two bubbles are my two daughters birth stone colors. still peeling a little in this picture.

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This tatoo is in memorie of a womens sister. But this would be cute for someone that had a miscarriage or for my son Adam

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Miscarried my angel at 10 weeks. My first tattoo in memory of my sweet Christian!! Until we meet again in Heaven!

Miscarried my angel at 10 weeks. My first tattoo in memory of my sweet Christian! Until we meet again in Heaven!

"It was then I carried you." I think if I ever get a tattoo for Elizabeth, I'd get something like this, along with a lilac butterfly with an awareness ribbon as it's center and the date I carried her to the date I lost her underneath.

"It was then I carried you." Footprints in the Sand - one of the best and most meaningful tattoo Ive seen. I love this

Image detail for -The baby footprints are a popular tattoo design that you can have in .

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