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It could have been the future...

X-81: Robert Moore Williams: Conquest Of The Space Sea. Ace, New York, 1955. Artist: Ed Valigursky

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Russian retro future

"Lunar Unicycle" by Frank Tinsley, 1959

Movie: "Planeta Bur" (russian sci-fi, 1962)

Future City

Lou Cameron, 1951

Russian retro future

Dieselpunk: Future Bike,1924

John Berkey - Moon Colonies (by myriac)

Amazing Retro-Futuristic Space Collection | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials

The criteria for forecasting such a future, from the perspective of the 50s-80s, was fairly simple – the future world must be way more weird and alien than the present and must be full of interesting technology that solves ‘present day problems’ using a slightly different if not identical technology already available in the present. (StayinWonderland, 2012)

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Retro futurism

Retro Futurism art

1970s Soviet space magazine cover Retro Future - Retro Futurism - Vintage Sci Fi - Robot - Space Ship - Atomic Age

vintage robot / retro robot and boy Retro Future - Retro Futurism - Vintage Sci Fi - Robot - Space Ship - Atomic Age - DOCTOR WHO CYBERMEN

Retro-Future: To The Stars!