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  • Cora Beth Schroer

    This site has lots of organization ideas.

  • Barb Lundberg

    Fabric storage - side by side 8' tall shelves to see what is available. Organized by color. Also note cutting table nearby with mat and storage underneath - can use two shelves back to back to make this. - from Olabelhe

  • Nadine SewAndPray

    my dream....well, for a sewing space

  • Lauren Poche

    craft room

  • Tanya Stone

    Wow! Now I need a scrap room AND a quilt room!

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I would love to have an area this neat and tidy for all of my fabric and craft supplies

Don't ya just wish your stash was as organized as this? Perhaps I'll start today.

wall to wall, top to bottom fabric!! What I would do to be allowed free reign in this room!!! The selection would just be sooo inspirational!!

"The Great Wall of Fabric"...color coded, just like you like it. Oh my goodness I am literally drooling bc this is so incredibly awesome!

Groooaaannnn...this cupboard of pretties makes me nostalgic for many things. This site and its older archives is a beautiful thing......a ribbon at a time

This would be awesome to help organize my crafty space, which is in our garage. I wonder if we did plexi-glass doors if it would help keep the dust off the fabric... Any ideas?

who wouldn't love to have this Beautiful organizer

fabric ~~ I love fabrics....I collect them....but the ideas I have for them never do seem to materialize!!! (pun!)