Quite handy to have around the office. via @ange_leung

some handy ideas

JERRY Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier At only 6.5 oz Jerry is very light weight and an ideal companion for travel, keeping your dry hotel room at a pleasant and healthy humidity. Jerry can also be used wherever you need a small but still powerful personnel humidifier. Fits standard PET bottles.

Do you have someone on your list that's always losing stuff? Stick-N-Find Stickers let you find lost things using bluetooth!



I was born in the wrong era.

These are so CUTE.

Glass Bubblegum Paperweight.

decoupage drawer

By far my favorite lost sock idea I've ever seen! I need one of these for my laundry room...

cute ruffle top

Handy uses for things around the house!

Awesome idea

Sorry my Pit Bull went against your stereotypes and LICKED your face instead of biting it off.

Now you can feel ok about eating those cookies near your computer!

So clever and handy! Find your correct ring size online so you can order any ring being confident it will fit!

How to dye hair with Koolaid hmm. could come in handy

Bottle opener // collects the cap as you open your drink! Handy #product_design

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - 24 Pics