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    Top 10 Organic Fertilizers - These are the top 10 organic fertilizers that every gardener should use to create a healthy organic garden.

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    Vegetables to Grow in Shady Gardens

    How to grow sweet potatoes in a bucket - "If grown correctly, you can hope for a yield of about 25 pounds for each 20 gallon bucket sweet potato garden."

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    wood sorrel

    aspirin for your plants - Aspirin is the remedy for fungal plant problems, Black spot, powdery mildew, and rust are a terrible trio of fungi, which can attack and destroy your plants. Scientists have found that two uncoated aspirin tablets (325 milligrams each) dissolved in 1 quart of water and used as a foliar spray can thwart these diseases... 35 Pest, Disease and Weed Remedies--green and safe

    Tips for growing blueberries in your garden. How to plant, grow, care for and harvest blueberries in your backyard for best fresh blueberry results!

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    Why Are My Plants Turning Yellow? - Grow Our Way - Safer Brand #gardening

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    Never run out of fresh herbs and vegetables, no matter what climate you live in. With a bit of creativity, and a few pots, you can make it through the winter with ease! Don’t believe us? Read on as eBay shares some tips to grow veggies and herbs year round indoors.

    Make Your Own Homegrown Smudge Sticks

    Companion Planting

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    deficiency in plants

    Milky Spore Powder

    NemaSeek Beneficial Nematodes - Hb

    Use up those apple cores I told you to save, by making Apple Cider Vinegar! Follow my directions and....not too long from now you will have beautiful, strong, homemade ACV.......just like our grandmothers used to make throughout the fall and winter for their families. Come over and join us---the door is always open! :) ~Heather ♥

    If you don’t use chemical pesticides on your apple trees, you can make natural pectin for your future jams and jellies! With tart, unripe apples like the ones in the picture below, there is a lot of pectin inside, and simply boiling the apples with water releases the pectin! #canning #apples #fooodstorage

    Mix Flour & Baking Soda 50/50. Sprinkle mixture on Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale and other Brassica plants to kill the Caterpillars.