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Brain Pictures

Clasificación de las neuronas: según el número de prolongaciones, su extensión y forma de ramificarse. -Unipolares: una sola prolongación, que se extiende del soma -Bipolares: 2 prolongaciones -Multipolares: más de 2 Por tamaño: -Golgi tipo I: 1 metro o más / células piramidales de cerebro, de Purkinje y motoras de la médula -Golgi tipo II: cortas de axón pequeño o ausente y son abundantes.

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Love this drawing! A simplified illustration of cell metabolism, depicting the cell as a factory. | #teaching #biology


Lord, Save Me From The Krebs Cycle

Students in my biology class will learn about the Krebs cycle.

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Inner Life Of A Cell - Full Version.mkv

Inner Life Of A Cell - Full Version. This honestly is my favorite biology video I use in my class. It really instills wonder and excitement to study what is inside the cell.


Inside-Out Anatomy: Muscles

Worksheets: Inside-Out Anatomy: Muscles

This video explains what in-text citations are, why they are important, and examples of using them in instances of direct quotes and paraphrasing.


Awesome Anatomy: Follow Your Heart

Worksheets: Awesome Anatomy: Follow Your Heart