polygon names

good to remember

Meet the shapes -- cute little FREE printable page

Describing Quadrilaterals - Common Core Geometry This product is a life saver! Geometry can be so tricky for 3rd - 5th students to understand. This is my "cheat sheet" to help students learn everything there is to know about quadrilaterals.

Geometry Vocabulary reference sheet. Great for math notebook

Helps with long division. I could teach it once and the kids wouldn't need to ask how to do it. They could just look at the poster and know.

Perimeter vs. Area - good visual

This is a two page file--one page in color and the other in black and white. The key words can be given to the students to keep in their math folde...

ORDER OF OPERATIONS~ Great way to remember this challenging skill. Introduces the need to use parentheses, brackets, or braces in numerical expressions, and how to evaluate expressions with these symbols. CCSS 5.0A.1

If your teacher won't let you bring a formula cheat sheet to class, just wear these socks. She'll never suspect. These crew length socks with chalk formulas fit a men's shoe size 8-12.5. Available in chalkboard green or black.

Practice 1-12 times table on one worksheet. Scramble numbers for challenge...might make on of these for addition?

Math Conversion Chart for Length between systems

Geometry can drive anyone crazy but it is something we all must do in High School Math!!

Polygon sort freebie

Naming polygons - Worksheets & Activities | GreatSchools

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Divisibility Rules

Great math hack for your kids! I wish I knew this in elementary school.

FOIL method Poster for multiplying binomials. I am a big fan of the FOIL method for multiplying binomials. Although I know some educators use the box method, my students find the FOIL method easier and much faster with a little practice.

Math Teacher - Halloween Ghost

Perimeter Song...used this last year with third graders. It was a hit. We also found one on area.