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Lo del Ecce Homo se está yendo de las manos xD

Jesus in The Shining

Rose and Jack... and Jesus

Yo Jesus

Can she be my best friend?

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 93 Pics

I want to say this the next time I go out to eat.

funny jesus pointing finger meme

i don't want

Funny Roamin' Catholic Meme Joke Picture | Funny Joke Pictures

the Bible with memes

Another hilarious funny meme from the house of funny. Click this picture to see a bunch more!

Counting Ribs

Spanish Jesus Fresco Meme becomes a new fave

For being a funny meme, this is actually a good question! Papal Vote

Catholic Memes (On Facebook)

Proverbs 15:21

I Heard You LIke Saints

Memefier, una app para iPhone que convierte todas las caras en memes!

Saint Thomas Aquinas ~ Doctor of the Catholic Church ~ 1225-1274 ~ Quote: "Faith has to do with things that are not seen and hope with things that are not at hand." Known as the Angel Doctor ~ Patron of theologians, universities, philosophers and publishers

Botched Ecce Homo