Olaf, #Frozen

Family is precious....Family we're born into....family that have adopted us (vice versa also) Family & Family of Friends.....I love all my acquaintances too...for you never know when they will become Family! <3

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♥ frozen ♥ "some people are worth melting for" ABSOLUTELY ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE QUOTES!

Frozen Olaf

Olaf ⛄️❤️❤️


Olaf! <3

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Frozen: Olaf and Sven

Olaf. Frozen.

Olaf - Frozen. LOVE this movie!!

My best friend started singing this while we were walking through the hall yesterday, and I literally started screaming.

the cold never bothered me anyway!

This is the truth. Frozen - Disney

I will never be too old for Disney <3

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