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  • David Howell

    Hyacinth Macaw is a parrot native to central and eastern South America. With a length (from the top of its head to the tip of its long pointed tail) of 3 1/2 feet, they're the longest and the biggest. Population greatly reduced due to habitat destruction. We have become poor stewards of the world's animals. There's gonna be a payoff somewhere down the line that we humans ain't gonna much like.

  • Sherri Brogan

    I ❤ colorful birds . . . Hyacinth Macaws

  • Candy Paine

    The Hyacinth Macaw: parrot native to central & eastern South America. Length about (3.3 ft) It is longer than any other species of parrot. Largest macaw & largest FLYING parrot species.Can be confused with far rarer & smaller Lear's Macaw. Habitat loss & trapping for pet trade: taken heavy toll on population in the wild. As a result it is classified as Endangered. Listed: Appendix I Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna & Flora

  • Blue Eyes

    Blue Macaws parrot native to central and eastern South America.

  • Anne Neely

    Hyacinth Macaws are the most beautiful bird EVER!

  • Ernest Warner

    Cobalt Blue Macaws

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Scarlet Macaw. the one large macaw that has no feathers on its "leather," the white area around the eyes. And there is NO redder than the scarlet. Would love to have one, as they are gentle, playful, very trainable, and wonderful companion birds.

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"The only people in America today who go to jail are regular folks. Big financial institutions get out there, they launder drug money, they violate the law, and still no one is held accountable. I think that's fundamentally wrong." — Elizabeth Warren

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