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  • Deena Freel

    Well I am going to a 90s party this weekend...

  • Johnny Webb

    The 90s *This is Melissa Joan Hart from Clarissa Explains It All

  • Chelsea Gallagher

    One of my favorite shows growing up!! Clarissa Explains it All <3

  • Poetic Paper

    90s. Clarissa Explains it All :) Childhood Memories

  • Claudia

    "Clarissa Explains It All" star Melissa Joan Hart, dressed in character, wearing a scrunchie + combat boots + leggings + side pony + oversized vest

  • Alicia Storm

    Clarissa wearing a scrunchie + combat boots + leggins + side pony + oversized vest. Thanks a lot 90s fashion, I loved you.

  • Breton H

    48 pictures that perfectly define the 90's. It's like nostalgic face palms. Loved Clarissa, had Jonathan Taylor Thomas posters, and was a member of the Lisa Frank fan club. Such a 90s kid!

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48 Pictures That PERFECTLY Capture the 90's!!! hah these are hilarious....

No joke- i truly think I owned the skirt in the middle of the lowest left picture. Yes, that would be the glitter one...

35 Things that you will never see again in your life. AHHH MY ENTIRE CHILDHOOD!!! Brought back so many memories!!

80s and 90s kids! Must see this list of stuff you will never see again but that made your childhood aaamazing. Like this slide at Discovery Zone (sure your fingers almost got cut off from it, but at least you were on the most technically advanced slide ever!). Must, must see all of these. *watch w/your hubby or siblings for a fun evening*

The song that was playing when I broke up with my first boy. I thought my life was OVERRRR!

WOW! Of course I had the yellow sony walkman, but I had a couple of the other things on here as well!

Wow I actually forgot about some of these!! Thirty-five things you will never see again in your life.....from the 90's.