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So true.

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That Awkward Moment

Me I'm PE everyday. I'm always like "good enough"

Okay :) That did just cheer me up :) And it makes me smile thinking that I could be the moron cheering someone up on some days :)


The only reason I'm fat...

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You're so hilarious...

So true! I'm very guilty of this. Me too! I even make myself cry, I'm so funny. ;)


Five deadly terms used by women.

5 Deadly Terms Used By A Woman #women Funny thing is, the meanings are completely different when I talk to my best friends...hahaha


That super cute thing you do.

This is so funny! lol I don't know why but when people don't text back it's like the most annoying thing ever! And I'm hardly ever on my phone so it's not like I'm addicted to it. It just annoys me haha


How to be a good parent.

Parenting. I asked my kids one day to start whispering when I found them whining for things because my ears hurt and I could not hear what they wanted.. It really worked for me and they stopped whining! Amazing! ( bend over and ask them to please whisper like this with their big girl or boy voice so you can hear what they are saying) It works!