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Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called 'walking' -George W. Bush

:) Six Flags Over Texas, the original Six Flags Park, and now the namesake of the entire Six Flags Amusement Park chain, takes its names from the six national flags which have flow over the area which is now the State of Texas...The United States Flag, The Texas Flag, The Confederate Flag, The Mexican Flag, The French Flag & The Spanish Flag

"WhataBurger" pronounced "what-a-burger" is to Texas what "In and Out" is to California. Texans LOVE Whataburger! Can't leave Texas without one!! Wahh I miss texas

David G. Burnet - First President of the Republic of Texas. Most Texans recognize Sam Houston's profile, but how many recognize the first President of the Republic of Texas? It was said he carried a gun in one pocket and a Bible in the other, and spent most of his time in office in peril and gloom trying to escape the Mexican army and survive an attempted overthrow by political enemies in the Texas army after San Jacinto. Born 1788, died 1870. He is buried on Galveston Island.


Spanky McFarland

Spanky McFarland - Dallas, TX

And without any help from's all private.......Bloomberg news.....graphic story linked

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50 Sure Signs That Texas Is Actually Utopia

Ann Richards. Elected governor of Texas in 1990, was a hero to Texas girls who saw in her that they could do anything.

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San Antonio, Texas

Lulu's Bakery & Cafe, San Antonio, Texas

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14 Tiny Texas Towns That Are Totally Worth The Trip

15 Tiny Texas Towns That Are Totally Worth The Trip