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Balloon sneakers...remember buying these at Thom McAnn??

banana clips

loved my hightops :o)

80's Jordache acid washed jeans

In the 80's friendship pins were awesome! Hard to believe that was 30 years ago....YIKES!

I want to buy one for my kids to see if I can still do it!!!LOL

Slouch socks - sometimes layered two different colored pairs

I wore these

I want my MTV

jeans with zippers and a bow at the ankle.

Remember when your costume would come with these plastic masks??

Remember these?

Kissing Potion-Strawberry!!! Do they still make these kind of lip glosses. Definitely remember having them as a kid.


saturday morning cartoons

This is what we did before texting :) I remember folding notes just like this!

Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High books...

Remember these?

Keychain picture viewer, oh my gosh I loved these !!!

Vintage 1970s/1980s Sneaker Roller Skates by Alpenglow Vintage, via Flickr.

80's toys - Fisher Price Little People parking garage. i loved the little pond they had in the underground parking with the fish, elevator dinged