We had Mickey and Donald duck, maybe Minnie but I'm not sure

grandma sweet nostalgia

Tupperware tumblers! Us kids still have these from my grandmas house.

Remember these?

I remember these

I remember these :)

I remember this!

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Oh, wow. I remember. I had a bunch of these. think there are still a few hidden away in storage.

I had this book

Color changing Trix spoon

miller, ad

Loved it..

Nestle's Quik!

Library Microfilm Machine

Vintage 8-Piece Wood and Cork Coaster Set

Remember these from the early 70's?? Vintage oversized wooden fork & spoon wall art. I had similar ones.

Duck Hunt. Loved this game

Disco Mickey from 1979!! :D I cannot believe I've forgot having this gem. Remember "Macho Macho Duck"? Uh and the cover of "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" was also good. And "Watch out for Goofy!"... Heck I loved them ;-)

Trix Color Changing - Spoons!!!

I remember these barrettes!