We had Mickey and Donald duck, maybe Minnie but I'm not sure

grandma sweet nostalgia

desk set

Tupperware tumblers! Us kids still have these from my grandmas house.

Remember these?

I remember these

I remember this!

I remember these :)

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Oh, wow. I remember. I had a bunch of these. think there are still a few hidden away in storage.

I had this book

Color changing Trix spoon

miller, ad


Loved it..

Microfilm Machine - used them in the library.

Vintage 8-Piece Wood and Cork Coaster Set

My grandmother had these and they hung in her dinning room until she passed...that was only about 11 years ago....

Duck Hunt. Loved this game

Mickey Mouse Disco album... I had this and rocked it! Disco, disco duck...I wanna be a disco duck!! HAHA!

Trix Color Changing - Spoons!!!