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Lieutenant John Vincent Johnston was the Union Navy commander on an expedition to spike the guns of Fort Number 1 on April 1st 1862.

Union Navy officer Charles Williamson Flusser was killed April 19th 1864 while in battle on the USS Miami.

CSA Navy - Lt. William Barker Cushing (Nov. 4, 1842 - Dec. 17, 1874) gained fame as one of the most daring Naval commanders of the Civil War. Despite his young age, he commanded several Union warships with distinction. His two most famous acts are the nighttime raid and destruction of the formidable Confederate ram "CSS Albemarle" and his leading of the naval brigade in the assault upon Fort Fisher, North Carolina.

CSA Navy - Edward Maffitt Anderson (Aug. 6, 1843 - Jan 28, 1923) joined the C.S. Navy with E. Anderson Maffiit, his cousin, in 1861 and was appointed a midshipman. After serving at the Savannah Station he joined the CSS Alabama. He commanded one of the 32-pounders in Lieut. Wilson’s division. He later became the navigator for the blockade runner, CSS Owl, commanded by his uncle, Captain John N. Maffitt. At war’s end he held the rank of lieutenant.

The graves of the Titanic dead Most of the gravestones identical, with the name and identification number of the victim, and the identical date of death, 15 April 1912. There are over 300 graves in Halifax, most in this cemetery, and also some in the Roman Catholic and Jewish cemeteries.

Admiral John Adolphus Bernard Dahlgren (Nov 13, 1809 – Jul 12, 1870) headed the Union Navy's ordnance department during the American Civil War and designed several different kinds of guns and cannons that were considered part of the reason the Union won the war. For these achievements, Dahlgren became known as the "father of American naval ordnance." He reached the rank of rear admiral.

CSA Navy - Commander James Iradell Waddell (Jul. 13, 1821 - Mar. 15, 1886) was appointed a midshipman in the U.S. Navy in 1841. Upon his return from duty in Asia in 1862 he resigned his commission and enlisted in the Confederate Navy. In 1864 he took command of the CSS Shenandoah, a ship that remained in action after the Confederacy fell as he was not informed of the South's defeat until August of 1865.

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