matryoshka costume!!! simply adorable!

Cinderella Costume. This is adorable!

Baby girl.

matryoshka doll costume

Cute Halloween Costumes

Scarecrow Costume. Cutest ever.

cute little girls costume


Pocahontas adorable #Tutu #Tulle. We need a little girl :)

Adorable Humpty Dumpty baby Halloween costume!

Adorable tree costume - with a removable squirrel and birds' nest headband

Ewok costume for Halloween.

<3 Halloween

So cute!! Halloween costume for a little girl. I think I see this costume in Gwen's future ;) @Christina Childress Childress & Selin

Popcorn Halloween Costume! HAHA!!

Doing this for Halloween!

Great Halloween costume for a toddler!

Doll Make-up ~~ Costume idea

DIY Kids costumes: Cutest penguin costume - good thing my kids are too old for me to choose their costumes!

cute costume idea

The tank is a soda bottle and it's connected to his pacifier. Cutest Halloween costume idea ever.