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Alfred Stanley Johnson, active in Waupun, Wisconsin from 1909-1935, is known for his highly-realistic, action-packed, black and white scenes which contrasted wild images with understated captions for a humorous effect.

An artist known only as Leigh was recognized for his partially hand-tinted, black and white images of gigantic fruits on horse-drawn carts in Florida. All of the cards were copyrighted in 1909.

F.D. Conard, of Garden City, Kansas, was known for his postcards of giant grasshoppers, inspired by a 1935 Kansas plague, and "Kansas varmint," the jackrabbit.

William H. Martin, active in Ottawa, Kansas, from 1908 to 1910, is the most well known of all tall tale postcard photographers. Executed in black and white, his gigantic corn, rabbits, cabbages and other subjects convey his exceptional attention to detail and perspective. Some Martin cards were so popular that they went through multiple printings and were even plagiarized.