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Early 1900s Postcards Show Off Primitive ‘Photoshopping’ Skills

by Pete Brook
Before Photoshop, cruder photo manipulation techniques were used to bend viewers' realities, like multiple exposure, forced perspective, combination printing, overpainting, and retouching negatives and prints.
  • Soraya Wolke Malvaiz ☥

    'Carrots.' Photomontage of three women and a little girl pulling up a giant carrot root. Waupun, Wisconsin. Alfred Stanley Johnson Jr. 1913.

  • Kyle Crider

    Freakish, Century-Old “Tall Tale Postcards” Were the ‘Shops of Their Day

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Alfred Stanley Johnson, active in Waupun, Wisconsin from 1909-1935, is known for his highly-realistic, action-packed, black and white scenes which contrasted wild images with understated captions for a humorous effect.