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    Hawk Tower, Tor House - Robinson & Una Jeffers - Carmel, Ca.

    Robinson Jeffers Hawk Tower, Tor House, Carmel, CA


    Greyfriar Cemetery, Edinburgh. Probably the world’s most dangerous graveyard, Greyfriar is so renowned for its violent paranormal activity that it was made inaccessible to tourists.

    HEARTHSTONE CASTLE DANBURY, CONNECTICUT Several hauntings are now known to exist on the grounds around the castle. There have been reports of shadowy figures, glowing orbs or mists in the castle's windows or on the roof, as well as the surrounding land and the locations of the former servant houses. Some hikers have reported being pushed & sticks thrown at them.

    The Haunting in Connecticut House, built in 1916 it served as a funeral home in 1936 until some time in the 80's. In 1986 the Snedeker family moved there to be close to the hospital treating their oldest son for Hodgkin's disease. Over the next couple of years they experienced a great deal of paranormal activity and eventually contacted the Warrens for help, which led to an exorcism of the house. No one knows what caused haunting, though many believe that it was its history as a funeral home.

    The 'House of Death' 14 West 10th Street, Manhattan This simple brownstone is often considered the MOST haunted place in Manhattan, as a variety of spirits have appeared in the building's stairwells, including that of a former inhabitant -- Mark Twain!

    Probably the world’s most dangerous graveyard, Greyfriar is so renowned for its violent paranormal activity that it was made inaccessible to tourists. Apparently, among the “attractions” of this place are objects being thrown at people, evil laughter, and visitors fainting or being injured or cut by unknown beings. Not a great place to rest for eternity

    The Stanley Hotel - A ghost at the window

    This abandoned mansion witnessed numerous family deaths & neighbors have reported violent hauntings. Better bring the holy water..

    Devils Tower, Wyoming | 29 Surreal Places In America You Need To Visit Before You Die

    Lincoln Park in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts - opened in 1894 and closed by 1986 for the number of deaths and accidents they had regularly - apparitions of former patrons and workers are reported through the abandoned and burned-out areas - cries and screams are heard, both terrified and fun-loving sounds are reported - carnival music wafts through the air periodically - people report being touched, seeing light anomalies, high number of batteries draining here

    " This is a picture of Charleville Forest castle, which is rumored to be haunted by several ghosts and has been featured on a few paranormal shows on TV. " - via Hauntings / Haunted Places FB page

    The Ahwahnee Hotel, Yosemite National Park - reported to be haunted by a woman instrumental in the hotel's development, who haunts the sixth floor. Activity also reported on the third floor.

    Tower of London, jewel house entrance

    carmel, ca. Been there! Loved it.

    Summerwind Mansion, formerly known as Lamont Mansion, is a ruined mansion on the shores of West Bay Lake in Vilas County, Wisconsin. It is reputed to be one of the most haunted locations in Wisconsin. As a result of abandonment, the elements, and fire, little of the mansion currently remains standing. For a while it was popular with paranormal tourists. Summerwind's ruins are located on private land and are closed to the public. The mansion was featured on an episode of A Haunting.

    Clovis Wolfe Manor - there is a lot of uncomfortable history surrounding this house and many reports of paranormal activity from disembodied screams to cold spots, from a heavy atmosphere to moving furniture. Just how much is real and how much is embellished is unknown, but one thing is for certain...this is one creepy house!!!

    One of the most hollowed grounds in America is easily Fort Sumter just outside of Charleston, North Carolina. This Fort went down in history as the site of the first shot of the Civil War. Residents of Charleston report that the spirits of Confederate and Union soldiers roam the Fort as well as the town. Charleston is also the site where Blackbeard ran his vessel, Queen Anne's Revenge, aground. Residents insist that Blackbeard's head haunts the area to this day