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    Hawk Tower, Tor House in Carmel, Ca - Robinson & Una Jeffers are still here in spirit and paranormal activity is reported almost daily here by visitors and staff. BEEN HERE, WANT TO GO BACK!

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Danvers State Asylum. Notoriously haunted. Located near Salem, MA. Nicknamed the witches castle on the hill (Hawthorne Hill). The Salem witch trials started in Danvers (fka Salem Village).

The Whaley House only 1 of 2 places officially declared haunted by the government with 1,000's of pics pouring in every day

The S. K. Pierce Mansion, Gardner, Massachusetts. Seven people have died in this house and it is supposedly so haunted that the current owners refuse to live in it.

Haunting at the Lamb Inn, Old Market, Bristol

Washington Opera House - Maysville, KY - Ghosts and Hauntings on Waymarking.com

(Preston School Of Industry) It is claimed that the building is haunted, both by former wards as well as the spirit of a housekeeper, Anna Corbin, who was supposedly blu...

The Congelier Mansion was known as the Most Haunted House in America. Located at 1129 Ridge Avenue, this was home to C.W. Congelier, his wife, Lyda, and their servant, Essie. Congelier was having an affair with the servant Essie. Lyda murdered her husband and chopped off Essie's head. (American Horror Story?)

Hever Castle's "Haunted House Story" The ghost of Anne Boleyn is said to return to her old home at Hever Castle, where every Christmas Eve she is seen to walk over the bridge which crosses the River Eden in the castle grounds. The great oak, under which Henry VIII courted Anne, still stands. Her ghost has been seen there as well, usually at Christmas time. Another ghost at Hever is that of a local farmer, called Humphrey, who was robbed and killed there.

Erie Pennsylvania's first recorded Haunted House The first colonists to Erie Pennsylvania arrived in the mid 18thCentury, building a small town adjacent to the newly constructed Fr The first colonists to Erie Pennsylvania arrived in the mid 18thCentury, building a small town adjacent to the newly constructed Fr

Ghost Photo - Stirling Castle Spirit- In 1956, an architectural photographer visited Stirling early in the morning to snap a few shots of the empty castle. The photographer saw no one inside, but when he developed the photos he was shocked.

Clinton Road, most haunted road

Ghost Hunt of Gresley Hall Your chance to experience a ghost hunt with a professional team with 13 years of hauntings and psychic events in some of the most haunted venues in the Uk. Ghost Hunt of Gresley Hall 21st November 2015........ 7.30PM -12AM TICKETS ONLY £23... Gresley Hall, Gresley Wood Road, Swadlincote DE11 9QW Derbyshire www.deadlive.co.u...

Myrtles Plantation...many ghosts live here

Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal Expect to see apparitions of former patients dating all the way back to the 1800s. Hear phantom footsteps down the hospital corridors. Buzzers go off in empty rooms.

Holly Hotel, Michigan: The kitchen is haunted by a little girl who died while staying at the hotel. The ghost is the most active in the hotel. People often hear her messing around with the various utensils in the kitchen, but especially the meat cleaver. In addition to haunting the kitchen, she is often heard running up and down the halls.

Branson - Music City Centre - Many ghosts haunt this business, including a little girl employees named Amy who likes to simply play. Another old male apparition has been blamed for elevators shutting down and electrical items going bad.

Ghosts of Kingsley Plantation in Jacksonville, FL - This old southern slave plantation is haunted by a number of ghosts from its dark past, including the owner's wife. Find out more at www.FloridaFringe...

Bissman Building, Ohio: The current Bissman Building was contructed in 1886 and was originally a wholesale grocery distributor. Two of the ghosts that reportably haunt the Bissman, are "Ruthie", an 8 year girl who was brutally murdered inside the building and F.W. Simon, a former employee who was decapitated in an elevator accident in 1911.

Rent.com lists the top 10 most #haunted cities in America. [Rent.com Blog]. Do you agree?

This 1000-year-old inn is haunted by talking cats, witches, and evil gateways - Posted on Roadtrippers.com!

13 Haunted Cemeteries That Every Ghost Story Lover Should Visit - Heard stories of all of these. They are on my Bucket List!

Borley Rectory. The history of one of the most well-known haunted houses in the world. #haunted #Halloween

Tillie Pierce House Inn, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: You can’t swing a dead cat in Gettysburg without hitting something haunted and the Tillie Pierce house is no exception. Tillie Pierce is well known as she wrote a book in the aftermath of Gettysburg about her experiences during the battle. A teenager during the time of the battle, she was involved in nursing and caring for wounded soldiers, and witnessed both the battle, numerous amputations and other horrors associated with the war. The Blue Room of the Inn is said to be the most haunted room. There are numerous reports of people walking above them (in the attic), people feeling like someone is sitting on the bed watching them and some claim a soldier constantly walks down the stairs, enters the room, and goes back up.

Stull Cemetery - Haunted Kansas It's infamous nicknames are The Seven Lost Gates of Hell, The Cemetery of The Damned, Satan's Burial Ground and most notably The Seventh Gate to Hell. Stull cemetery is often said to be where Satan the Devil himself holds court with his lost worshippers.

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