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~Perhaps it was on such a day that Robinson Jeffers watched out Hawk Tower’s window and wrote: 'Boats In A Fog'~ Carmel~

~Hawk Tower~ built by the famous poet, Robinson Jeffers in 1924 in Carmel, CA as a retreat for his wife & a magical place for their sons. It sits behind their home he also built called, Tor House.

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Robinson Jeffers’ beautiful night of the soul…

Robinson Jeffers How Did Die | Robinson Jeffers

Flavel House in Astoria Oregon was built in 1885 and for Captain Flavel and his family and they still reside there. Visitors and staff report hearing phones ringing when they are not plugged in, seeing lights come off/on of their own accord, curtains will open/close by themselves as well.

Tor House at Carmel Point in California, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Tor House was built by Poet Robinson Jeffers (1887-1962) for his wife Una (1884 - 1950) and two twin sons in 1918. Jeffers learned the art of stonemasonry from the builder he hired, laying many rocks in place with his own hands.

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Halloween's Best Haunted Historical House Tours

The Emlen Physick Estate in Cape May, New Jersey is a historical home turned into a Museum, where visitors and staff frequently report paranormal activity that dates back to the original home owners.