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  • Carole Matthews

    The crypt of L.B.Legare, in the graveyard of Edisto Presbyterian Church Ghost Story of Julia Legare

  • Georgia G

    Edisto Island Photos 12-L

  • Kathy Witten

    Crypt in the graveyard of Edisto Presbyterian Church Edisto Island, South Carolina. 1852 - a young girl, Julia Legare was said to have died after an illness and was buried in this crypt. Years later another death required the opening of the crypt, where they found that Julia had been trying to claw her way out as she was in a coma, not dead. To this day, the door will not stay closed.

  • Sue Fraunberger

    egare Mausoleum, Graveyard of the Edisto Presbyterian Church, c. 1831. Edisto Island, Charleston County, South Carolina Diphtheria, now almost non-existent in the United States was once among the most feared of diseases. What made it all the more dreadful, is that children were frequently its main victims. While no one was immune, it was the children who suffered the highest rates of fatality. Edisto Island lies about an hour south of Charleston, South Carolina on the Atlantic Ocean. The mid-…

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